Antik Rádió Szervíz Budapest



Most of these radios with electronic tube were made from 1930 till the 50's and 60's.

Our grandfathers and faters were listened wtith these antique radios the happening of the II. World War, the exciting story of the Football World Cup in 1954, but they served the 50's rock and roll, and the 60's Beatles youth as well.

Those who arelistening these old radios, will return to awareness of life.

These restorated radios made with real handwork, handlethem are easy and understanable, thez're voice are extraorinari.

Our service experience has been estabilished from 1963. The retoration is based in H-1029 Budapest, Táltos u. 24.

We make any kind of radios with electronictube suitable for pick up FM radio wave..

Please make an appointment with us before coming on our availabilites.

If you have the same Apparatus do not hasitate to contact us.

We also sell radios ready in working condition.

Owner: Imre Újvári

If we kidle your interest please do not hesitate to contact us.

We tackle Grundig, Orion, Philips, Siemens, Standard, Telefunken, Videoton and other brands.

Renew this old family treasure with us, which was a determinant tool during generations. You can see on the individual type of radiosthe intensity of pick up, if you find the suitable frequency.

Take your antique radio to our service and we'll give it back repaired inside, andperfectly renoveted outside. It'll preset you an unexeptionable pick up.

In Hungary we are one of thosefew companies, who repaires antique radios. From 1963 we have been complete our service.

At the exhibition of the Interior Milieu 2000 at the Vigadó in Budapest, our company had an Overwhelming successwith the renovated antique radios.

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